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5dv stands for five dimensional vision. It is a futuristic file/stream format and protocol designed for a non-yet-existing real 3 dimensional device. This device will be theoretically structured using a 3 dimensional matrix of 100% transparent OLED pixels, each containing RGB and alpha values. The main portion of this protocol is the compression. Based on the JPEG and mp4 (h.264) formats, every step is applied in 3 dimension. Check out the FAQ section below. Contribution is welcome in the form of donation or coding. To find out more about me, check my personal page


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For programmers: This project is available on git. There, you can find the specification and protocol of the format. Just follow the readme file. The code is written entirely in C and it uses SDL for drawing. You are welcome to contribute to the code, but it is not an open souece project. It is published under a special freeware license. If you want to be a part of this please contact me


What is the 5dv file format good for?

Currently, for nothing. But, in the future it will help futuristic real 3 dimensional devices compress and stream images and movies

Why aren't there such devices today?

Transparent OLED screens started to appear on 2012. However, they are not 100% clear, so placing them in sequence won't work until the pixels are 100% transparent.

Is anyone trying to make such device?

I am in touch with one company that does amazing stuff with 3 dimensional displays, LED cubes and holograms, called Looking Glass. You should check out their page and products. However, the 5dv format can't be used on these devices since it is still impossible to create a 100% pixel with an alpha component of 0

I want to see the code or even help programming this format

The git contains all the code, specification, technical data of the project. You should start from the readme file and from there you'll get a clue how to find what you are looking for, what parts of the code still needs to be writted or updated etc...

Is this open source code?

No. This is published under a special freewere license. You may see the code, download it and use it for your personal use, but do not redistribute it. If you wish to contribute/add code, please contact me

What do I need to know in order to help program this?

The entire project is in C and uses SDL as the drawing engine. Besides from C, you'll need some backround on multimedia media compression such as audio compression, image compression and video compression techniques.

When do you think we will be able to see the first devices?

This is just an estimation, but I think that by 2023 we will see such devices for the first time, and by 2026 they will become commertial.

The code describes a 3d matrix of pixels in the shape of a box. Why are the illustration all look like spheres?

If you saw the lecture, you know that I had a dream about this device, and what I saw in the dream was a crystal ball with changing content. Other than that, there might be an issue with a cuboid device because of snell's law. See this link for an example

What does 5dv stand for and why?

Five Dimensional Vision. There are real 3 dimensions displays (x,y,z) + In a movie there is time dimension, so that's 4. The fifth could be either Sound, or the strong belief and extra factor that must happen in order to make this dream a reality.


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